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National Facility Services, a Kleen-Tech Company is committed to providing property owners, tenants, and facility managers with a safe and healthy building environment. We understand that providing a clean and well-maintained workplace is essential to preserving your property’s long-term value and improving the productivity of your tenant workforce.

Throughout the country, we provides a host of comprehensive and cost-effective janitorial and building services for the following types of properties:

  • Commercial Office Buildings

  • Corporate Campuses

  • Car Dealerships

  • Retail Shopping Malls

  • Convention Centers

  • Warehouses

Working in partnership with property managers, building owners, and tenants, we develop a customized program to suit your specific location and maintenance needs. Our staff and executive management act as a single-source provider of facility services to ensure the consistent and high-quality service that you deserve.

National Facility Services understands the importance of sustainability and green cleaning products. In fact, we were a pioneer in the green cleaning movement and have implemented a variety of environmentally friendly cleaning systems in addition to establishing a knowledgeable team of LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals.

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  • Public Space Maintenance

  • Floor Care & Maintenance

  • Overnight Maintenance

  • Parking Garage Maintenance

  • Landscaping

  • Project Management

  • Pressure Washing

  • Porter Service

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